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P4 - Parcel Drop Box
P4 - Parcel Drop Box comes with a stylish two-tier delivery system, with allocation for letters and parcels. Designed in galvanised steel with powder-coating for rust prevention, this is another popular model in the range.
P1 - Parcel Drop Box
The P1 is our
P2 - Parcel Drop Box
The P2 is the most popular of the range. Its simple, yet effective design, allows for multiple deliveries. The way the flap closes provides theft prevention.
P3 - Parcel Drop Box
This Parcel Drop Box is ideal for home deliveries when you're out, or commercial/business use.
P9 - Parcel Drop Box
The new P9 - Parcel Drop Box comes with a new soft-closing top lid, and a letter flap giving it a smart finish. Considering its size, the P9 is an ideal box for residential or commercial use.
P11 - Parcel drop box
This Parcel drop box is a much larger parcel drop box which allows for multiple deliveries. The P11 is made from galvanised steel and is fitted into a wall or gated property, or alternatively into an outbuilding (a porch etc) to allow the parcel to be retrieved inside the home (SUBJECT TO SURVEY). Built-In Model.
P12 - Parcel Delivery Box
ON SALE NOW - The New wine delivery box, comes with extra load capacity of the P1 parcel drop box allowing larger deliveries. Ideal for large shopping orders or wine deliveries alike.
P6 - Parcel Drop Box
P6 - Parcel Drop Box is one of the coolest looking boxes in the range, with a large opening for bigger parcels, and its stylish look making it stand out from the rest. The P6 is available with a bright blue body and black door.
P7 - Parcel Drop Box
P7 - Parcel Drop Box is unique in finish and design. It is tall and elegant looking, distinguishing it from any other parcel drop box on the market. It offers high security, making it a versatile parcel drop box.
Installation Only
On-Site Installation
New Range (Standard)
A typical sized Parcelbox, part of our new range, that accommodates the average Parcel.
New Range (Large)
The Large box accommodates a bigger parcel, and also allows multiple deliveries
New Range (Extra Large)
If you have a large volume of Parcels, or expect particularly big parcels, this is the box for you.